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Book A Ride With Facebook Messenger |Uber On Messenger

Face’Book’ A Ride

Now you can book a ride with facebook messenger app. Uber has agreed an alliance with Facebook Messenger that will allow users to order a ride from within the Messenger chat app, in a coup for the disruptive ride-hailing company.

The tie-up gives Uber access to millions of potential new users and marks the first time that Messenger — for which Facebook has ambitions ranging from retail to concierge services — has ventured into transport.

Uber is the biggest ride-hailing company in the world in terms of funding, with about $12bn raised so far — even as lawsuits relating to its treatment of drivers and compliance with local laws work their way through courts in many countries.


No need of this now!

Facebook ‘Siri’

Facebook is working on its own virtual assistant called M that will work directly in Messenger. Think of it like Siri, but more powerful. It will help you make restaurant reservations, buy stuff as if you were using Amazon, contact the DMV, book vacations, and more.

Right now, Facebook M is only available to a small group of people using the Messenger app in the San Francisco Bay area, but the social network’s ambition is to have M eventually work for all of Messenger’s 700 million users.


What Next Facebook?

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