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Growth of Influencer Marketing in B2B

Influencer marketing reminds us of social media stars who sell beauty products or nutritional supplements on Instagram. However, you may be surprised to find that not only B2C brands use influencers to promote their products.

Many successful B2B brands such as IBM and Microsoft have leveraged the power of influencers to grow their businesses.

Influencer marketing is a proven and effective strategy for gaining momentum in your marketing journey. You can achieve all from increasing your website visitors and engaging with social media platforms to building trust and awareness through leadership and authority.
In this article, learn how you can use influencer marketing in B2B. So, buckle down, and let’s get started.

Should I use influencer marketing for my B2B Brand?

A B2B influencer marketing strategy involves identifying your target audience’s influencers, building partnerships and relationships with them. It also includes creating specially designed messages to be quickly disseminated or accepted through their channels.

It is how you can create more awareness about your brand. Moreover, since word of mouth affects 99% of all B2B purchases, it makes sense that a reputable industry influencer can hugely influence a company’s purchasing decision.

In short, the answer is yes; you must use influencer marketing for your B2B brand. It will boost your brand’s performance and help you generate more revenue if it is done in the right way.

How to find & select influencers for the B2B brand?

Deciding to use influencer marketing is just not it. You have to pay attention to many things to find the ideal influencer.
Shortlisting the ideal influencer for your brand can be a bit of a task; that is why we have prepared a list of things that you must consider to find the influencers for your brand. Have a look-

Consider the audience

The most crucial step is to find influencers whose audiences are directly related to your brand. The optimal influencer should educate your target audience about your business and market opportunities, build trust, and build brand awareness.
It would help if you did not run after the influencer with more followers on social media channels. You should focus on the quality of the audience than quantity because if the audience is not relevant to your brand, you will barely benefit.

Consider the trust factor

Influencer trustworthiness is a critical component to consider when choosing the perfect person to promote your business. So, partnering with the right influencers can help you grab the attention of potential customers and build their trust.
In B2B, communicating your message through influencers trusted by potential buyers can build trust and position you as a thought leader and expert. Although successful companies identify influencers based on their current audiences, spreading brand messages through these influencers can also open up new audiences in the process.

Prepare a list of influencers.

Once you’ve identified the right influencers, it’s essential to focus your time and effort on researching and analyzing each influencer. Please make a list of relevant influencers and then contact them. Talk to them about how much contribution they can make, their way of promoting the brand, etc., before sealing the deal.

How to Track and Measure Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

It is necessary to measure and track the impact of your efforts. Tracking will equip you with some helpful insights, and you will also get to know if influencer marketing is working for your brand or not.

Here are a few ways in which you can track and measure-
• Monitor your brand’s engagement, followers and sales closely around the time of your influencer’s post.
• Create a landing page solely for influencer marketing, list all the necessary details you want your target audience to know. In this way, you will track the benefits of influencer marketing separately.
• If you want to sell any service or product, you can generate discount codes for different influencers. In this way, you will not only attract more audiences by giving discounts, but you will also identify the influencer accountable for it.
• Check the profits your business has made after the influencer marketing campaign ends. Compare your earnings, and you will know if your brand and done better or not.

Future of Influencer Marketing for B2B Brands

Influencer marketing leverages the combination of blogs, a variety of online media, the democratization of publishing and broadcasting, and social media. It allows B2B marketers to reach leads through influencers in more authentic, reliable and engaging ways than advertising.
The future of influencer marketing and its benefits for B2B brands are inexplicably excellent. There is massive room for growth in this field, according to Forbes.

Summing Up

While influencer marketing was formerly thought to be a B2C game, B2B companies may benefit from it as well, increasing brand awareness and revenue growth..
Now that you know how influencer marketing can impact the growth of a B2B brand and other necessary details, leverage it today!

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