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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by Saurabh Pandey


The Power Of Social Media

If you haven’t still realized the power of social media then this is article is perfect for you. Starting with the example of our Rio Olympics Stars; Sakshi Malik, Deepa Karmakar, and not to mention our silver girl PV Sindhu.

Did we know all the above before Rio Olympics? No, then why now. It’s just because of social media they came into limelight. Social media made them stars apart from their hard works and excellent performances at RIO Olympics. Not to question their efforts.

But how did they surface on social media at the time of Rio Olympics is what we will discuss.

Here are few observations in their case:

Support of Nation

Whether you are Indian or any other countrymen, you will always support you nation and people.
In this case Indians wanted them to perform and bring laurels for nation. For which they congratulated our heroes, asked people to support them, brought some facts about them, etc. In this way the people started talking about them and made them surface on social media platforms.
What we learn: We can integrate our brand with a good cause. For example: If you are a car brand, then you can come with an Environment-Friendly campaigns idea.

Talking at the right time

Strike the iron when it’s hot which means wait for the right time to shoot your campaign.
In this case they surfaced at the time Rio Olympics. Nobody had no clue about them before the Olympics.
What we learn: Start your campaign when people are talking something which relates to your campaign.
For example: If you are a mother brand, then you must start your campaign at the time of Mother’s Day.

Social Influencers

Support of big celebs or we can say influencers can turn the table for your brand.
All our heroes were supported by many celebs and sportspersons who had million and billions fan following.
What we learn: You must have a social influencers that will make your brand a talk among huge audience. For example: If you gym brand, then you must find gym freak social influencers.

These three points proves the power of social media today!

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