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Published on January 17th, 2022 | by Saurabh Pandey


Why Personal Branding is Essential in B2B Marketing?

Most people easily recall Coca-cola or Volkswagen due to their effective marketing strategies. Branding, however, is not just limited to vast companies and their ad banners. It has expanded to agency owners such as Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and even Elon Musk, who pay a lot of attention to their image on their audience. This is called personal branding.

Personal branding is the practice of leaving an impression of an individual for their expertise in a subject and their personality.

It becomes more important to build a brand for yourself when you are into B2B marketing because most business professionals look into the person they are involved in business with before bringing substance to the table.

Tips for building a personal brand:

  1. Choose a Niche: If you already have a business and are looking to align your brand around that, you have a niche. In B2B marketing, it’s important to be precise and not be all over the place about a subject because B2B professionals usually have less time on their hands and want to utilize it on quality people and content.

You have your niche once you have found the intersection of your idea and how you’d like your target audience to perceive you.

  1. Topic research for content: Posting content is essential to build a personal brand.

It is reported that 80% of marketers who use social media have reported effective results. Moreover, buyers acquired through content posted on social media have a 37% higher retention rate than other means.

Making a content plan starts with topic research. You need to research 3 types of topics:

  • Topics that other B2B professionals are searching on the internet
  • The innovative kind has more scope of unique content under headings. (promote yourself because this is unique to you and not common knowledge).
  • Generic content for both B2B professionals and other audiences to generate traffic.
  1. Researching for Keywords and variations:The content you post must be SEO-friendly and rank for you to generate quality leads.

It is essential that when you are writing B2B content to build a personal brand, you maintain consistency. Make sure each part of your content body is well connected and easier for the reader to process.

Add value to the content based on your experience and add your creativity. Just ensure it is factually correct and is backed up by metrics, whether self-generated or third party.

  1. Post regularly and interact: Lack of consistency in posting and interaction with the audience makes it difficult for B2B marketers to generate quality leads. When creating your brand online, remember that your blog, website, etc. are the only means for your audience to access you and your thought. They want more and regularly. Preparing and strictly following a content calendar helps.

Interaction with people who follow your content is necessary because these people could be prospective clients. Not reaching out to interested people may cause you to miss out on potential leads.

  1. Pitch your solution or product very subtle: B2B marketing is all about problem-solving and simplification. Your online presence should align with solving problems to build an effective personal brand. As a result, the most effective types of content used by B2B marketers for content marketing are eBooks and white papers (50 percent), case studies (47 percent), and social media posts (excluding videos) (41 percent ).

This helps readers recognize a problem and solutions to it. Here, you can add value by giving your suggestion to a potential problem. B2B marketing is nothing without statistics and insights. Make sure you add that in ample amounts to simplify procedures for B2B marketers and professionals.

What are the right tools and platforms for personal branding?

LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B marketing because it’s a place where most people come with a mindset to do business and prospect. It is necessary to have an appropriate about section and an optimized profile before posting content on LinkedIn. One good example of personal branding on LinkedIn is Gary Vaynerchuk, whose content is mainly around office culture, business operations, and generic daily motivation.

Nowadays, casual social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are also being used for similar purposes because of the number of features they offer, such as live streams, shorts, and reels.

When it comes to getting proper insights into your audience and promotions, there’s no better option than Google ads and Google Analytics. Google ads will help you post ads on google to reach a greater audience. This helps to learn about how your strategy is performing in real-time.

How to create a B2B Marketing strategy around Personal branding?

The best way to build a B2B marketing strategy around your brand is to create tutorial content around your product or service, recognize the business professionals’ pain points, and provide them with a solution. Thus, also promoting your service or product very subtly. Giving options other than your product or service adds to your credibility as a personal brand. It is important to remember that your insights are more important than what you are selling. This will help you generate more quality leads with a higher retention rate.

Will all these tips and knowledge, you are all set to build your personal brand. Good luck!

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