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Published on December 21st, 2008 | by Saurabh Pandey


10 Digital Trends to Observe in 2009

The 10 digital trends to observe in 2009 is an insightful feature that showcases trends which can bring about a change in the way we look at digital marketing.

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1. Mobile- With the advent of 3G, WiMax and Number portability in 2009, advertising, revenue opportunity and content- all will undergo a sea change.

2. Social Search- Search will never be the same. With the power of community, experts and local knowledge merging with technology, search may start to change for the next 10 years-in 2009 itself.

3. Open ID- The year where we can hope to see both a faceoff and consolidation amongst the giants-MS, Google, Yahoo and FaceBook. Whatever it is, the era of single sign in and collaboration with a difference, takes a new start from 2009. There are still no clear answers around various issues including privacy and 2009 hence will be the year to get these answers and a possible consolidation of technology.

4. Widget Marketing- This new form of marketing will become increasingly popular in India in 2009.

5. Citizen Journalism- After 26/11 marketers and publishers have understood the power of social media and this would change the face of content publishers for ever.

6. Rahul Obama- The increase in spend by political parties on digital medium and hiring of professionals to maintain online reputation and connect with communities- will be seen in 2009.

7. Content Monetisation- Look forward to more and better opportunities for content monetisation. Web2.0 has made content generation easy but monetisation is still a challenge.

8. Advanced Analytics- Marketers finally will move beyond clicks and leads and lay emphasis on other key metrics to judge not just online performance but integrated marketing performance.

9. DTH/IP and e-commerce- IP TV converges with ecommerce. Now not just will there be a revolution in content consumption and monetisation, but also commerce through a click of a button on your remote.

10. Lastly resession will prove to be a boon for Online media- Online media will grow globally by about 15%. Marketers will move money to measurable marketing initiatives, and with the introduction of new marketing opportunities led by mobile, we will see a rejuvination of digital marketing in 2009.

10 Digital Trends to Observe in 2009 e-booklet
Right Click and Save the ebooklet

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