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Published on November 23rd, 2010 | by Saurabh Pandey


The Fall of Facebook?

I noticed crossing 700 friends on linked in and over 300 friends on facebook; not so great when someone told me that he has over 1000 fans on both linkedin and facebook!!

But this also triggered a couple of questions in my mind:

1. Just because befriending is easy on online social networks- what value can having endless count of friends bring?

2. The law of diminishing returns will hit this spree one day-when the novelty factor eases out! What happens then?

Not sure if you agree- but how many of your 500 fans on facebook are you regularly in touch with? What kind of relationship-value are you able to create with a long-lost school friend who you found on facebook? How has the ability to have thousands of friends changed your life?

At my end – I am still enjoying the countless and daily postings of food, restaurants and vacation pics by my friends on facebook-but am sure the law of diminishing returns will hit one day! What happens then?

Also, are social networks becoming a platform to show-off? Would you agree that most people show-off their acquisitions and especially the food that they are eating!

Social networks need to focus on enhancing the value of relationships and this can happen if people use the platform as a particpatory medium rather than a show-off medium!

This brings us to a new question- Will we eventually see a quicker fall of facebook and that there will be rise of a  new social network-that focuses on quality of engagement and relationships rather than quantity of friends?

Will be glad to hear your take on this!

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