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Published on October 19th, 2012 | by Saurabh Pandey

How an internet start-up is marketing itself to the media!

TheWhizTimes, a unique platforms for kids and families, initiated a very innovative PR campaign this week.

Before we talk about that, here is a brief about, started by an ex-Nokia Head of earned Media and a social and online media veteran-Shalabh Pandey in Singapore, plugs a very relevant gap in today’s society and that is about how to give kids and families a safe educative and entertaining platform where they can be abreast about the latest happenings and also collaborate and create to give vent to their creativity.
The concept and the content itself is very unique and is the need of the hour

(Look at the infographic below to appreciate the relevance of such a portal):

TheWhizTimes already has a great content, engagement tools and good traffic both on the site ( and

What it needed to do now was to reach the editors of major publications. Given that editors already get hundreds of press-releases every day, TheWhizTimes thought of a unique idea to catch attention of the press:

They created ‘personalized videos’ for each editor and explained the concept like a one to one meeting.

Given that each animated video is personalized, editors view the video out of curiosity and hence the objective of getting the attention in a relevant way gets fulfilled.

Needless to say one such video came for me also at ‘atomthought’ and I was tempted to carry it and share this unique and innovative way of media marketing/pr with you all.

The innovativeness of this concept and the the marketing technique is undoubtedly a great learning experience for all marketers.

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