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Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Saurabh Pandey

Content Marketing In The Social Age

Recently there was an article in Forbes magazine about how TV is not going anywhere and that TV Content viewing is increasing after the onslaught of social media. The expert being interviewed said that social media popularity has not dwindled the popularity of TV

My view is that we need to understand that each platform is meant to do justice to a certain aspect of content. For instance a large part of social media is not meant for content consumption, but for content distribution and a bit of discovery.

Yes, do you ever watch a movie or a TV serial on facebook or twitter? No.

Do you talk about the movie and TV serial? Yes

Do you share snippet of a song, serial or movie? Yes

So essentially a large part of social platforms actually help people in deciding and discovering what content to consume, from where!

Another aspect of this is Content Participation. Allow people to interact with your content as well as participate and change the content. Remember Kolaveri-D?

Whether it’s TV or radio or even online content, the content has to be social-friendly and to be social friendly it has to have the following attributes:

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