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Published on December 15th, 2016 | by Saurabh Pandey


5 Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand Right Now

Given the ever increasing growth of spend on digital media, there is a constant demand of skilled digital marketing professionals.

Below we prepare you for when the digital marketing market matures (and it’s already happening) and reveal the most sensible specialist roles to invest in.

5 Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand Right Now

Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand Right Now

Digital Marketing Strategist: In our study, a whopping 13% of businesses listed analytics experience as a required skill in their job descriptions. In order to be a truly great digital marketer, you’ll need to not only implement strong inbound and outbound digital strategies, but also analyze them regularly and use those insights to constantly improve. If you want to make it in a high-paying digital marketing job, it’s time to make ROI your middle name.

Social Media Strategist: Ten percent of the businesses that we looked at in the Digital Professional Institute study cite social media experience as a requirement for applicants, and that doesn’t just mean that they want someone with an active personal Twitter account. Digital marketers need to understand how to develop a strong social media presence to help bolster their brands and further their marketing goals.

SEO Analyst: To compete as a candidate for a high-paying digital marketing job, you must have technical SEO skills, including server-side settings, sitemaps and server response codes. Moreover, competitive candidates should have experience using Moz, SEMRush and other tools to identify customers’ search behaviors and the competitive landscape.

Mobile Designer: To demonstrate value in this area, you need to understand how mobile marketing differs from desktop marketing and communicate why that matters to the rest of the business. Moreover, a digital marketer should have general familiarity with mobile development in order to best communicate with the design team and create a cohesive mobile marketing strategy that aligns with other online and offline efforts. Get familiar with its vocabulary, including things like SMS marketing and responsive design.

Content Strategist: SEO, e-mail marketing and social media skills are useless if you don’t back up your technical skills with excellent writing for multiple platforms. The ability to flow easily between writing e-mails, press releases, website copy, proposals, social posts and even code is key to success in today’s digital marketing field. Make sure that you demonstrate your ability to write across media, and to guide and polish the content of others on your team.


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