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Published on September 10th, 2009 | by Saurabh Pandey


How Can Jet Airways Use Digital And Social Media To Improve It’s Reputation?

I was surprised to see Jet airways promoting cheap tickets on Google, even when most of it’s flights remain cancelled!

The question is: How can India’s largest Airline not use internet and social media intelligently and aptly to reduce customer angst and activate customer support?

How can India’s largest airline be so naïve to waste it’s money on attracting people to buy tickets from it’s site, when it just doesn’t have perhaps any ticket to sell!

But let’s address the core issue and see how Jet Airways could have used digital media and social media particularly to alleviate guest/customer inconvenience and also create a goodwill.

Step 1: Change your homepage- Your homepage should have the following elements now:

1. A written and a video message from the chairman- addressing the emergent situation and

Delineating a clear, positive, personal and empathetic communication directed at the air traveller. If the Chairman speaks directly to me, and expresses his situation , I am sure I will understand. Hence it’s important to proactively broadcast your situation and request for help and cooperation from your customers. No harm!

2. Highlighted section- for people who have bought their tickets. Give them clear directions on

What to do next. Give them options and process- on full refund or flying by another flight. Assure them of quick time bound response.

3. Highlighted section for customer care- Give all options- upfront! If possible create a live chat section. Have a list of helpline numbers. Let people SMS their number and Jet should return call in 2 minutes! If possible do a click 2 call. Let people click on ‘call’ button and a conference call is set up.

What Jet airways has done instead, is given a link on the top, and that link actually leads you to a pdf document- which lists flight numbers and a succinct status. That’s it!

Step 2- Immediately send an email and SMS about the flight status and also request people

To connect with jet on their website to remain cognizant about the whole situation.

Step 3- Get going on your twitter account- Jet can do the following things here:

1. Answer customer queries in real time.

2. Broadcast real time updates of the flights

3. Broadcast other important links to help customers reach the desired information page on their official website.

4. Broadcast telephone numbers and tips

Step 4- Create a facebook page- embed maps of major locations. Ask people to help foreigners and ot$her Indians who have come from other cities and are now stuck for some time.

Start a discussion and feedback forum. Ask people how can this situation be controlled. Create a direct to naresh goyal forum .

Create a channel where real life customers can come and share their experience on how jet handled them let the$m write positive and negative stuff. Engage them.

Step-5 Create a YouTube channel- broadcast your point of view. Talk to customers. Publish videos about cities where you operate in- give driving directions, weather situation, areas where hotels and hospitals are located.

Step 6- Integrate all this– All these elements should be interlinked.

Step 7- Continue your adwords advertising- but direct people to different pages for support. Your messaging should talk about support and care.

Step-8- Media and PR- Share with media your YouTube, twitter and website URL. Assure them of updated videos, and status. All your communications- newsletters, press release, print and TV ads etc. should have the above mentioned URLs or at least one common website URL.

Step X- This step can be executed in the early phase- connect with your competition proactively- give links to their booking engine and also see if they can have a welcome message for Jet Ticket Holders on their site.

The Jet Guest has to select a flight on the competing airlines’ site and while paying just put the PNR number in ‘promo code’- he will either get the ticket cashless or pay a small additional amount if there is a fare difference.

(This step may entail efforts in integration and automation- as also may take time in getting various approvals)

The idea behind leveraging social and digital media is:

1. To let the customer be engaged and supported at all times

2. To let the customer be informed at all times

3. To control the angst and discomfort which arises due to lack of information or lack of proper and conveniently accessible information or lack of timely information

4. To let negative feedback stay controlled and not go out uncontrolled.

5. Create a personal connect and empathy

6. Let people help each other, get motivated from positive stories, be able to know and appreciate the good work done on ground by jet airways

7. To leverage the power of sharing and ability to interact, engage & connect in real time

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