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Published on November 7th, 2009 | by Saurabh Pandey


How is Facebook Going to Make it’s 1st Billion Dollars?

How can facebook make it's 1st billion dollars?

How can facebook make it

Do you know that there may be a social networking site which is bigger or almost equal to Facebook?

And do you know it earns 2-3 times more than Facebook already?

That site is Qzone (Tencent), and it earns over a billion dollars in revenues per annum. How did this happen? And what can Facebook do to catch up quickly?

‘I will cite a personal example- just before Diwali I was playing this awesome game on called Teen Patti.  I had less money (virtual)- but great cards. My competition had 10 times more money (virtual) than me, but couldn’t have better cards than me. I had an option of getting 10000 credits by sending a premium SMS. In the excitement and heat of game.. I quickly sent 2-3 SMSs so that I could pre-empt competition moves, and it’s only after the game finished and I won that I realised that I had made at least 8-9 SMSs (about Rs 50-real money).’

Here is an interesting and well researched whitepaper on the Future of Monetization for Social Networks and Social Gaming companies- rightly christened as’ HOW IS FACEBOOK GOING TO MAKE IT’S 1ST BILLION DOLLARS?  Download it rightway from here.

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