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Published on July 7th, 2013 | by Saurabh Pandey

5 Quick Tips for Building your Personal Brand!

One of my friends asked me about giving tips of how to create personal branding via social media, and I thought of sharing the tips with all of you.
Before you read the tips, one caveat, personal branding or reputation of any sort takes time to get build. One can invest money to buy media space, or hire bloggers to write about oneself, but these are short term and artificial measures of building a brand.
Don’t mistake self promotion with personal branding.
Creating personal branding has a price attached to it! That price is your time, commitment and the value you should be able to create for your readers.
At atomThought, my clear goal is to create valuable take away from each article, ¬†rather than creating continuous stream of news based releases, and that’s why you give your time and affection.
So, here are a five quick tips to build your personal brand, do it gradually, with the aim of adding value for everyone:
1. Start an industry blog. Blog about things where you want to show your expertise, and share each story on Facebook, Twitter and relevant LinkedIn groups
2. Find questions being asked on Quora and LinkedIn about your area of expertise. Answer as many of them as possible. Give links to your blog and of the key influencers’ blogs/sites in your group in the answers
3. Twitter: Find people who are influencers in your field including journalists, and follow them. Retweet their relevant tweets and tweet your own stuff. Attach links to your blog or videos intermittently.
4. Nothing beats video: If you can, get your video (5 minutes) recorded where you talk about issues in your industry and publish on YouTube every week. With more mobile access the demand for video content is already hitting the roof.
5. LinkedIn: Complete your profile, and use keywords to describe your skills and job descriptions. Ask for recommendations from influential or opinion leaders. Participate in Groups.

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