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Published on August 31st, 2010 | by Saurabh Pandey


Social Media Marketing- Short Term or for Ever?

As marketers we want to measure RoI from our investments and the same is true for our investments in social media as well.

But to consider social media as a short term or one off activity and then measure RoI, seems to be a grave mistake.

More than that, how do we continue your social media campiagn for ever?

Do we mean that Old spice (Read an earlier related story here) needs to run their viral & real time video responses perpetually?

Not really!

We must understand that our commitment needs to be long term or perpetual, but programs and campiagns can change. And they should change.

If campiagns do not change they will set in fatigue.

We can have very clear long term social media marketing objectives, and we can have multiple programs running parallelly or consecutively, each with a start and end point.

Look at how dell or ford do it. I am sure Old spice will also continue it’s commitment and will launch various programs to keep the users engaged, post their hugely successful rel time response viral videos.

So, while the Overall Social Media Marketing Commitment needs to be perpetual, the social media marketing campiagns may have their start and end dates.

And hence, to sum it up:
Keep long term objectives and commitment towards social media, and make it exciting and engaging by creating various short term social media campiagns or programs running parallelly or consecutively. We need to see the trends across these campiagns on various metrices and see how are we faring.

What do you say?

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