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Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Saurabh Pandey


State of Social Media for Ecommerce Players in India

Out of curiosity I and my team at dotConverse ( did a quick survey of how the eCommerce portals are performing on social platforms. I am reproducing some numbers only for Facebook here.

Needless to say, most portals have very similar content on Facebook, so much so that if you remove the logos and brand names it would be difficult to identify the Facebook Pages by Brands!

This also brings to fore two observations:

1. eCommerce portals look very desperate to sell more (on social platforms)

2. There is not much attempt to engage, recognize , reward or co-create nor there seems to be much thought on getting insights into the users.

Both these observations lead us to conclude that somewhere the pressure of selling is taking over and the portals are leaving behind the social connect + relevant content creation best practices.

Here are some numbers for your consumption, thanks to the dotConverse team:

ecommerce & social media

ecommerce & social media

ecommerce & social media

So, no conclusions here, except that a few portals look to be investing in growing new fanbase, but not working hard to engage them. Infact there is a dire need to

1. Create strategic and engaging content (which is 70% of the time not sales oriented)

2. Create a blog strategy

3. Create a content strategy by platform with clear metrics (non-sales)

4. Engagement Reputation (Your engagement maybe high but very negative)-How do you optimize this?

5. Create differentiation across social platforms and achieve a differentiated and meaningful brand imagery

The dotConverse recipe for ecommerce social success is simple:

Relevant, Attractive, Focused & action oriented content mixed with targeted and intelligent distribution iced with meaningful measurables will create a differentiated & friendly identity leading to preference and affinity with your brand.

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