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Published on December 13th, 2008 | by Saurabh Pandey


Measure-Up Your Super-Performance Blog!


Measure up your Super-performance blog!




Measure up your Super-performance blog!

The other day I was meeting a top executive of a Fortune 500 Tech Company, and I was telling him how HP did a wonderful job of engaging Bloggers and creating a buzz (and eventually growing sales for their dragon series) recently in USA.

The executive asked me “How did they know which bloggers to engage?” This was a valid and basic question and I thought, just like him, many of our marketers may also be in quandary of how to know which bloggers engage to create a buzz around their products.

In other words, since blogs and social media have gained so much prominence, it’s inevitable that they will find their way in the media plans of smart marketers sooner or later- but how do you know which blog to invest your money in? What are the Key Performance Indicators for a Blog?

Even otherwise, many of us write blogs and own websites, how do we track our blogs and sites to the fullest? How much tracking is enough? This propelled me to do some research and create a working model of BPM (Blog Performance Metrics). I am putting this model for free download and consumption.

Right Click and Save the e-booklet on BPM (Blog performance Metrics)


Please use it and let me know your thoughts and outcomes. Do you think we can add or delete a few metrics, please feel free to comment here and I shall be glad to share your thoughts with all our readers.

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