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Published on May 24th, 2009 | by Saurabh Pandey


CrowdSourcing- The New Social Media Mantra to Sell Better!

I was in Bangalore this Friday, and I was glad I met Anil Srinivas at Dell. Anil heads the marketing at Dell India-SMB division, and while we talked about things that Dell can do with ibibo, in terms of branding and performance based advertising solutions, he also told me about Dell SWARM.

This is yet another awesome initiative by Dell, where it leverages social media and plays on the power of the crowd to sell it’s products.

Dell Swarm is, it seems, active only in Singapore as of now, but should be spreading fast to other countries very soon.

The concept is very simple, but the impact, is infectious and powerful! Also, while we may have seen variants of this concept earlier or in offline world, the way Dell has conceptualized and translated into reality makes it very simple and attractive.

Succinctly, if you want to buy a Dell laptop, you should register with and create or join a Swarm. Swarm is a group that you create and call in your friends or friends’ friends who also want to buy a laptop to join-in.

As more friends who want to buy a dell laptop join-in the price of the laptop for al of them starts getting reduced. After 15 friends or 72 hours whichever is earlier, everyone can see the final discounted price and the next process of buying the laptop begins.

One can create a new swarm or join an existing swarm and reap benefits.

One can also promote the Swarm through his/her twitter account, facebook account or just through emails.

If you are not ready to buy but just want to follow a Swarm, you can do that as well, just follow and get updated.

This principle of using your customers’ social network for the benefit of the brand and customer has immense potential for a variety of products, industries and services.

Imagine using this concept for ‘insurance’, ‘loans’, ‘travel’, ‘auto’.

People who want to buy a ‘Honda City’ just create a swarm from their network or their friends’ network and can achieve fabulous savings!

Or let’s say if people like me, who are frequent business travelers can easily form a Swarm and get the best ticket or Hotel rate every time we fly.

In the times of recession-isn’t this an incredible technique to boost your sales as well as for customers to save money?


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